R. W. Akile Files Los Angeles Global Marijuana March Permit Papers – Event May 5, 2012


R. W. Akile filing LAGMM papers with LAPD Officer Kimmy Dixon

Los Angeles Global Marijuana March LAGMM Executive Producer R. W. Akile and event treasurer Oba Ire filed papers today for the 14th annual event with LAPD Officer Kimmy Dixon. Akile announced the plans for this year’s march. “On May 5, 2012 at high noon, many hemp activists will meet-up smoking on Adams & Crenshaw in LA. Key activists and speakers will be available for press interviews from 10a – 11a. From 11a to 12 noon is street corner organizing, promoting, where many take the bullhorn and speak on the need to end the drug war now. At 12 noon the 2.1 mile march/parade up Crenshaw to Leimert Park begins. The marchers, some carrying live hemp plants, some marching as part of a hoodie rally component, will also march in support of the end of lynching. The marchers with a LAPD escort arrive at the park between 2-3 pm. There will be floats from clubs, patients and industrial hemp companies. The balance of the event in the park consists of a community celebration including speakers, live music and an innovative vendors market where people can get their medical marijuana certification, taste hemp foods and see hemp fashions. All are welcome as we celebrate the hemp solutions.” The seven point platform is wide and solution based.
• Engage in a full scale, international HEMP FOR VICTORY style program of food, building materials, phyto-remediation and medicine to help adjust to increased radiation from the critically damaged nuclear plant in Japan.
• Support Jack Herer Initiative and enforce the voted Will of the People, Prop 215 & against the federal government.
• Stop the New Jim Crow laws and release all non-violent drug war POW’s, i.e. the founder of the Global Marijuana March, Dana Beal, still in jail for marijuana.
• Stop lynching in all its forms including police brutality, IRS & DEA terrorism.
• Remove restrictions from medical marijuana clubs so they may be businesses like any other legal business, supplying customer needs and paying taxes.
• Promote the use of hemp’s 50,000 products, encouraging folks to buy local.
• End the book burnings like what happened to Oaksterdam.
The first Los Angeles marijuana march in 1999 was produced by the late activist Sister Somayah Kambui. “This year’s march is the most important ever. The radiation is already here from Japan and we need a hemp phytoremediation program like what they did in Chernobyl. Hemp has a long history of helping with both radiation sickness and the increased cancer risk from radically increased chronic radiation exposure. Our existence depends on the hemp solution.” Said J. Nayer Hardin an author of a paper on the subject. The event’s Executive Producers are R.W. Akile & Moori Bey. Producers Sister Undine , J. Nayer Hardin, Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum, Treasurer Oba Ire, Music & Art Director, Sherwood Akuna –
Phone 213 – 640-0115 – Event Blog http://www.lagmm.blogspot.com


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