The Hemp Solution: Radiation, Food and Oil Research

The Global Marijuana March organizational meeting held on Sunday, April 22 announced that papers on the hemp solution as applicable to the chronic increase in radiation exposure caused by the Fukushima Tsunami nuclear crisis, the UN declared world food crisis and the cancer crisis addressed by Rick Simpson’s and other hemp oils will be presented and discussed at this year’s Los Angeles Global Marijuana March, held on May 5th that begins at high noon on Adams and Crenshaw going down to Leimet Park until dusk.

“Hemp can help address many problems we are dealing with in these wild and modern times including, but not limited to the UN declared world food crisis, the excessive chronic radiation exposure from our Japan Fukushima nuclear plant, our shattered economies and health systems from industrial and government incompetency.

It is time to rethink everything. With a little bit of common sense, we can answer that call and save our lives.

I’ve put together with a lot of help from friends and family three research documents to assist our generations in fulfilling our responsibilities to seven generations ahead.” said J. Nayer Hardin of the Computer Underground Railroad and one of this year’s event producers.

Research papers and problems cited include:

Hemp foods are versatile, delicious and full of nutrition. Hemp flours can make anything wheat or other flours can like pastas, textured vegetable proteins, cakes and breads. Hemp leaves for salads, seasonings and soups.

Hemp foods can even help with world peace. For instance, last summer over 29,000 children died of hunger in Somalia…no mention of the adults who died of hunger before the children did. If Somalia, a coastal country, had been growing sufficient amounts of hemp, those children would not have died from hunger. Not mentioned in the report is the probability that the war lords, if they had smoked a peace pipe, probably would have been too relaxed to want to kill people. Of course if hemp food could be grown on the 1/3 of the continental US land that the federal government owns and is not using, that would be another source of international food. Based on resources, there is no need for anybody to be hungry, save greed.

The many financial and health opportunities available in the medical, spiritual and recreational hemp oil fields.

Hemp oils offer us a plethora of healing opportunities. Medical grade oils like Rick Simpson’s cancer oil that sends cancers into remission, or hemp seed oil that assists in nourishing the body, are covered. Also included are uses for recreational and spiritual grades of hemp oils too. Small business and individual empowerment are the focus in this mission plan, parts of which are adaptable to many situations.

As you can see from the webeo above, the radiated water and trash in large quantities are half way across the Pacific, with smaller items already arriving on the Americas shores. The governments of the world are lying about the radiation coming off of our Japan which is on site 10 times the lethal radiation dose. Some of it has already reached US shores. If we become pro active, we can save ourselves. Hemp is one of the main elements that can help.

This quickly compiled report featuring full length reports from experts including the article from the AP in March, 2012 which revealed the melt down was not only still in process, but that the nuclear rods have ‘less than 2’ and not the yards of water covering them. This report also covers hemp phytoremediation for cleaning soil, medicine for fighting the cancers and other illness from chronic radiation exposure, hemp construction materials to encase the Fukushima plant with a blend of hemp plastic which is 10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford, building materials and lead (with a magnetic powered cooling system).

Of course there are other things we can do. For instance, at Chernobyl scientists also found radiation eating mushrooms, as reported by Albert Einstein University in New York. More on that soon.
Fungi Gobble Radiation to Grow, Study Says
By Scott Norris
for National Geographic News
May 22, 2007

There will be more posted on these subjects in the coming weeks. Who knew hemp and shroons (and a few more tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeves) can save the day, with a little help from you.

Saving ourselves is easy if we start now. PLANT HEMP, CONSUME HEMP, WEAR HEMP!

4 thoughts on “The Hemp Solution: Radiation, Food and Oil Research

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