Moori Bey, Sahshah Kambui and Himalaya


Moori Bey, Sahshah Kambui and Himalaya

Marijuana veterans and dynamic heroes (l to r) Moori Bey, Sahshah Kambui and Himalaya discuss the success of the Los Angeles 14th Annual Global Marijuana March.

‘In one tent we had 70 year olds and 20 year olds and folks in between smoking together, united with one purpose, implement the hemp solution to every facet of our lives. We discussed radiation, pipes and fashions in the same conversation. Our hope for the future is now.’

To all who participated in form and in prayer and in lighting up wherever on the day of the march, we have overcome this day!


LA Global Marijuana March 2012 Parade Map


LA Global Marijuana March 2012 Parade Map

Dress up and bring your hemp plants if so inclined to the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March in Los Angeles. Drive slow or walk to march in support of the end of the drug war, lynching, and other non productive policies.

The parade starts at high noon on Adams and Crenshaw and moves at about a mile an hour to Leimert Park where we celebrate until dusk.

Click on the Google map to see a larger image of the parade route.

How to find Adams and Crenshaw – the starting point for the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March? Do a Google Earth search for Leimert Park in Los Angeles. From Leimert Park, back track up Crenshaw 2.1 miles north.

Start up point is at the Thrifty Gas Station on the corner, follow the purple line on the map.

Author Arthur Graham’s New Trayvon Martin book – He’ll Be At The Rally!

The historic and insightful author Arthur Graham, who wrote

Subliminal Racism Essays
Discrete Silence Essays
Teachable Moments
The Manichean Leitmotif

and his new book that he will be speaking on at the 14th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March.

Subliminal Racism – Trayvon Martin Black Child Sacrifice: Myth & Symbology 

came by the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March office today and delivered copies of his books. People are invited to wear their hoodies in support of the end of lynching in all its evil forms.

Dr. Graham will be speaking at the rally on the need to end lynching in all its forms from racism to the drug war. His approach is solution based, pulling readers to the most logical conclusion, it’s repair time.  When you come to the march check out Dr. Arthur Graham!