First Marchers Arrive At Leimert Park for LA Global Marijuana March


First Marchers Arrive At Leimert Park for LA Global Marijuana March

At approximately 2 p.m the first marchers arrived at Los Angeles’ Leimert Park to celebrate the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March.


LA Global Marijuana March 2012 Parade Map


LA Global Marijuana March 2012 Parade Map

Dress up and bring your hemp plants if so inclined to the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March in Los Angeles. Drive slow or walk to march in support of the end of the drug war, lynching, and other non productive policies.

The parade starts at high noon on Adams and Crenshaw and moves at about a mile an hour to Leimert Park where we celebrate until dusk.

Click on the Google map to see a larger image of the parade route.

How to find Adams and Crenshaw – the starting point for the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March? Do a Google Earth search for Leimert Park in Los Angeles. From Leimert Park, back track up Crenshaw 2.1 miles north.

Start up point is at the Thrifty Gas Station on the corner, follow the purple line on the map.

Author Arthur Graham’s New Trayvon Martin book – He’ll Be At The Rally!

The historic and insightful author Arthur Graham, who wrote

Subliminal Racism Essays
Discrete Silence Essays
Teachable Moments
The Manichean Leitmotif

and his new book that he will be speaking on at the 14th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March.

Subliminal Racism – Trayvon Martin Black Child Sacrifice: Myth & Symbology 

came by the 14th Annual Global Marijuana March office today and delivered copies of his books. People are invited to wear their hoodies in support of the end of lynching in all its evil forms.

Dr. Graham will be speaking at the rally on the need to end lynching in all its forms from racism to the drug war. His approach is solution based, pulling readers to the most logical conclusion, it’s repair time.  When you come to the march check out Dr. Arthur Graham!

Sister Somayah Kambui, Founder, Los Angeles Global Marijuana March, 1999


Sister Somayah Kambui, Founder, Los Angeles Global Marijuana March, 1999

The Late Sister Somayah Kambui, founder of the Los Angeles Global Marijuana March, with a group of local activists, produced the first LA march in 1999.

She was the Executive Producer of that and all the subsequent marches until her death in 2008, which happened after she lived her life expectancy of double plus 8 years with sickle cell. Her work in the fields of both hemp and sickle cell are legendary.

Sister Somayah remains an inspiration to many long term hemp activist who understand the power of just getting things done, no matter the obstacles.

Photo by Peter Gorman. If you use it in the promotion of Sister Somayah, please credit the photographer. Thank you.

7 Point Platform for 14th Annual Global Marijuana March

 The seven point platform for this year’s 14th Annual Global Marijuana March is wide and solution based.

• Engage in a full scale, international HEMP FOR VICTORY style program of food, building materials, phyto-remediation, oils and medicine to help adjust to increased radiation from the critically damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan that is radiating at 10 times the lethal dose, much of which has already reached the US.

• Support the Jack Herer Initiative and enforce the voted Will of the People, Prop 215 & against the federal government.

• Stop the New Jim Crow laws and release all non-violent drug war POW’s, i.e. the founder of the Global Marijuana March, Dana Beal, still in jail for marijuana. Start by dissolving international drug treaties.

• Stop lynching in all its forms including police/institutional brutality, IRS & DEA terrorism.  Be in support of all victims of government, gang and other violence i.e. Trayvon Martin (wear your hoodie in support)

• Remove restrictions from medical marijuana clubs so they may be businesses like any other legal business, supplying customer needs and paying taxes.

• Promote the use of hemp’s 50,000 products, that with only 10 companies per product is 500,000 new or expanded businesses. When each of those businesses have 10 employees each, that’s 5 million jobs. Of course the product medical marijuana has more than 10 companies with 10 employees.

• End the book burnings like what happened to Oaksterdam University.