17th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March, 2015


Colliseum and Crenshaw to Leimert Park 2015

Date: May 2, 2015

March Gathering Time:  11 am

Gathering Location: Corner of Coliseum & Crenshaw, Los Angeles, CA

March Start Time: Around High Noon

Arrival at Leimert Park: Apx. 2 pm

Event conclusion: Dusk

Event Masters: R. W. Akile and Moori Bey

As part of a world wide celebration of the hemp plant, the 17th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March was announced by event master R. W. Akile.

Plans are set for activists and folks who want to learn about this miraculous plant at 11am on the corner of Coliseum and Crenshaw for an hour of meet and greet with bull horn corner activism.  The annual event is a dynamic blend of old school marijuana / hemp activists with new members of the legalization movement. Though legalization of marijuana has been a hard, multi century struggle, taking it to the streets has consistently moved us forward to the drug war’s end.

March start time is around high noon (of course) down Coliseum to Martin Luther King Blvd turning in the direction of Leimert Park for the celebration.

Marchers will arrive at Leimert Park around 2 p.m. where music, speeches, and access to information on how we can use hemp to save ourselves will be discussed. For example, California has a serious drought going on, as President Obama’s Anger translator said, it’s bone dry. Using 3D printing in hempcrete and hemp plastic to build ocean water cleaning plants could be completed quickly since the contour crafting construction technique can build a 2,500 sq. ft. house in less than 24 hours.  The Fukushima radiation is washing up on the USA west coast. Hemp phytoremediation can clean the soil.  Medical cannabis can help with the cancers. Hemp building materials can help reduce indoor radiation. The industrial hemp alone will will radically improve the economy as folks can grow their own wealth.

In addition to life upgrades, honored at this year’s march are the many fallen hemp heroes who, since Global Marijuana March founder Dana Beal contacted Sister Somayah Kambui in 1999 to join and produce the first march in Los Angeles, which was shut down by the police early, will be Sister Somayah, Richard M. Davis, Jim Rosenfield, Peter McWilliams, TC, Jim Stewart, Jack Herer and others.

Los Angeles event founder, the late Sister Somayah Kambui was able to double her life expectancy using a strain of cannabis she developed, Nigritian Keif, that she would share with members of the community for free suffering from that illness.  Co-founder Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum lived a long and productive life dedicated to spreading the word of the many benefits the hemp plants gives us.  Jack Herer, activist and author of the Emperor Wears No Clothes taught us that hemp works like a nuclear mop to clean the environment of toxins.  Jim Rosenfield was a pioneer in the cannabis and computers movement teaching that we need to use the technology to educate people about the need to end the drug war so we can restore freedom not just in the USA, but the world. Peter McWilliams book Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do is a foundation of logic for stopping the drug war now. Captain Ed, Ron Tisbert, and She Who Remembers – Jeanie. They all taught the old school wisdom of until all of us are saved, none of us are saved.

The event speakers list for this years event is being finalized and this page will be updated daily. Since the war on drugs is the main justification for our current experience of police brutality, solutions on this vital issue will be discussed too.

Here’s an updated list of events all over the world.


Wherever you are, celebrate.


16th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March & Rally




May 3, 2014, 10a-12 noon gathering at Coliseum & Crenshaw
High Noon marching to Leimert Park
Gathering in the park from march conclusion ’till dusk!
Get your smoke on!

Event Highlights:
10a-12 Noon: Coffee and Reefer (Mud & Bud) – Street Corner Speeches
Participants available for press interviews
High Noon: March Starting at Coliseum & Crenshaw
(Construction on Crenshaw Subway makes original route inaccessible)
1p: Speakers & Music & Crafts & Foods & Fun & Great Marijuana
at Leimert Park
4-5p: 4:20 Ceremony & Positive Vibes to Achieve Hemp For Victory
Event Conclusion: Dusk

So we can implement the hemp solution to modern problems.

LAGMM 1544595_10203548518936356_5600609872782246468_nThis year’s historic, 16th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March and Rally is being held on Saturday, May 3, 2014, 10 a.m. – Dusk. The event starts with a gathering at the corner of Coliseum and Crenshaw, the new launch point for the march to Leimert Park.

The last minute route change was instituted by the City of Los Angeles, who contacted event producer R. W. Akile on April 30th. Event producer and march veteran since the first Los Angeles event in 1999, R. W. Akile explained the last minute changes on his FB page. “Received this blessing – in disguise “Mr. Akile there is a two week S/B lane blockage on Crenshaw between Exposition and Rodeo Road due the need to reroute Water Lines because of the Crenshaw Subway Line – commencing on May 2. My response – “GREAT we will resort to our former formation area – Coliseum St. between Crenshaw and Wellington Rd. and Victoria Ave. between Coliseum and Rodeo. Formation – time 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.

[March] Start time remains 12:00 Noon from Coliseum and Crenshaw s/b on the Shaw to Leimert Park. We took this in like water off of a Duck’s back.”

As the Los Angeles marijuana community has done in the past at these events, voices will be raised, drums and music playing, live marijuana plants proudly displayed, hemp foods, exhibits, speeches, protests and parties heartily thrive in celebration of cannabis, weed, ganga, Mary Jane, pot, joints, hemp in all it’s forms, medical, industrial, recreational, environmental and spiritual.  This May 3rd will be another day when the people of Los Angeles join with hempsters all over the world to take Time4Hemp.

Though the route has changed the purpose remains the same. Nothing will silence us. We don’t stop until Hemp For Victory is achieved. All who participate will be doing a lot of social media posts on this march and rally. On Twitter we will be using the hashtag #LAGMM . There is a  Facebook Page for the event in Los Angeles! The Global Marijuana March Facebook Page for the international march is posted too.

The Los Angeles event was started and produced by legendary members of the marijuana movement, many speaking at the events over the years i.e. the great Jack Herer. The first Los Angeles Million Marijuana March was produced by the late Sister Somayah Kambui, Richard M. Davis and Jim Rosenfield plus many other activists in 1999. The event goes back to the great marijuana activists AJ Weberman plus the recently released from prison, drug war political prisoner and Ibogaine freedom fighter Dana Beal.  They started the “Million Marijuana March” in the 1970’s in New York City, which in response to the magical events there, expanded in this century to become the Global Marijuana/Cannabis March held in hundreds of locations all over the world on the same day.

It was Dana who approached Somayah to do the first of the Million Marijuana March series in Los Angeles which was held at Magic Johnson Park. Somayah, Richard and Jim worked for the remainder of their lives to keep the annual event going.

LAGMM 1959423_654397857947570_9163089291918680623_n

Because of the tireless activism of many hemp heroes, some of whom will be producing and attending this year’s rallies including but not limited to R. W. AkileJeff Clark, Patrick MooreJeanette Perez, The Ganja Queen, Jaamiah Moori Bey, Melissa Balin,  The California Cannabis Hemp InitiativeThe Human Solution, The Law Offices of Bruce Margolin… 2014 could be the year we end the war on drugs, joining Colorado and Washington states in a freedom move. Both President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have expressed interest in legalization, saying let the states decide. As demonstrated by both the ballot and opinion polls, the people are ready for legalization.

Remember California was one of the first states in the nation to allow medical marijuana use and, given the level of air pollution experienced in Los Angeles, could be an extreme beneficiary of large scale hemp planting to remove excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

This event is a solid empowerment move, despite the city calling on April 30th to say the march should be postponed, which it is not. Now more than ever, it is important to show up and speak up.  We all have reasons to stop the war on drugs.  It is way past time for We The People to take back our relationship with Mother Nature. The government has created so many more problems with their drug war policy.

We’ve come a long way hemp babies, and we still have a long way to go.  Which is why, with the victories in the pro legalization states, we must step up our games, no matter what. Like voting, it is important to show up, say your piece, and network with like minded souls.



LAGMM 1487373_515192755264251_1449254668_n

Sister Somayah use to open up the rallies with her battle cry ‘Don’t Be Scared.’ Dress up or just be comfortable. Come, and bring your friends and hemp plants if so inclined to the 16th Annual Global Marijuana March in Los Angeles or wherever you are on the first Saturday afternoon in May. Know that to do so is in defiance of a legal system that wants so much control over our lives they interfere with our right to safely (as in NON-GMO) interact with plants.

Join the winning marijuana team and march in support of the end of the drug war and other counter productive policies. If you can’t walk, cars are allowed, especially the theme decorated kind.

Throughout their history, the marches and rallies thrived in an air of celebration of hemp in all its forms. At these events, as shared joints tend to do, new bonds are formed, old ones secured, joy, knowledge and respect are shared.

The 4:20 ceremony each year brings us closer to being able to fix this mess of modern society we have created with the hemp solution.

Hemp is an awesome, non toxic technology that we should be using on a grand scale. It is imperative that we implement the hemp solution now i.e. Fukushima, fracking, GMOs, illnesses that cannabis cures, industrial uses via over 50,000 items from hemp bio-fuels, building materials, plastics, papers, foods, oils, dyes, fibers, buds (all of which can be used as 4D & 3D Printing filaments/inks)…so many life improving & saving capabilities…no wonder marijuana is illegal.

“No matter what happens it can’t be the same anymore.” If you are in the greater Los Angeles area, get to Leimert Park on Saturday, May 3, 2014 between 10 a.m. and dusk to learn and say your piece on why we must stop this horrific drug war now!  If you can’t get there, please find a local event in your area and be loud and clear.  If you are home bound, say something on the web. We need hemp to save our lives!  This is NOT a drill.

This blog coverage is written by J. Nayer Hardin, Computer Underground Railroad Ent. The railroad was Informally started in 1984 and a NYS corporation since 1996. The mission is to use computers and other technology to help people be free.’

The Hemp Solution: Radiation, Food and Oil Research

The Global Marijuana March organizational meeting held on Sunday, April 22 announced that papers on the hemp solution as applicable to the chronic increase in radiation exposure caused by the Fukushima Tsunami nuclear crisis, the UN declared world food crisis and the cancer crisis addressed by Rick Simpson’s and other hemp oils will be presented and discussed at this year’s Los Angeles Global Marijuana March, held on May 5th that begins at high noon on Adams and Crenshaw going down to Leimet Park until dusk.

“Hemp can help address many problems we are dealing with in these wild and modern times including, but not limited to the UN declared world food crisis, the excessive chronic radiation exposure from our Japan Fukushima nuclear plant, our shattered economies and health systems from industrial and government incompetency.

It is time to rethink everything. With a little bit of common sense, we can answer that call and save our lives.

I’ve put together with a lot of help from friends and family three research documents to assist our generations in fulfilling our responsibilities to seven generations ahead.” said J. Nayer Hardin of the Computer Underground Railroad and one of this year’s event producers.

Research papers and problems cited include:

1. USE HEMP FOODS TO SOLVE THE UN DECLARED WORLD FOOD CRISIS https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B3g4TzvH0vlAYzhjM2Y4MmQtYzVkMy00YjA4LTg3MjEtZTViMzVhOGM4NGMw
Hemp foods are versatile, delicious and full of nutrition. Hemp flours can make anything wheat or other flours can like pastas, textured vegetable proteins, cakes and breads. Hemp leaves for salads, seasonings and soups.

Hemp foods can even help with world peace. For instance, last summer over 29,000 children died of hunger in Somalia…no mention of the adults who died of hunger before the children did. If Somalia, a coastal country, had been growing sufficient amounts of hemp, those children would not have died from hunger. Not mentioned in the report is the probability that the war lords, if they had smoked a peace pipe, probably would have been too relaxed to want to kill people. Of course if hemp food could be grown on the 1/3 of the continental US land that the federal government owns and is not using, that would be another source of international food. Based on resources, there is no need for anybody to be hungry, save greed.

2. HEMP OIL MISSION https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B3g4TzvH0vlAY2hqbUxLUm03Vkk
The many financial and health opportunities available in the medical, spiritual and recreational hemp oil fields.

Hemp oils offer us a plethora of healing opportunities. Medical grade oils like Rick Simpson’s cancer oil that sends cancers into remission, or hemp seed oil that assists in nourishing the body, are covered. Also included are uses for recreational and spiritual grades of hemp oils too. Small business and individual empowerment are the focus in this mission plan, parts of which are adaptable to many situations.

3. ACTIVIST ALERT DO WHAT THEY DID IN CHERNOBYL, USE HEMP https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B3g4TzvH0vlAUHJBYjcxX3ZTd3FjX3ItTTQ4Qktndw
As you can see from the webeo above, the radiated water and trash in large quantities are half way across the Pacific, with smaller items already arriving on the Americas shores. The governments of the world are lying about the radiation coming off of our Japan which is on site 10 times the lethal radiation dose. Some of it has already reached US shores. If we become pro active, we can save ourselves. Hemp is one of the main elements that can help.

This quickly compiled report featuring full length reports from experts including the article from the AP in March, 2012 which revealed the melt down was not only still in process, but that the nuclear rods have ‘less than 2’ and not the yards of water covering them. This report also covers hemp phytoremediation for cleaning soil, medicine for fighting the cancers and other illness from chronic radiation exposure, hemp construction materials to encase the Fukushima plant with a blend of hemp plastic which is 10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford, building materials and lead (with a magnetic powered cooling system).

Of course there are other things we can do. For instance, at Chernobyl scientists also found radiation eating mushrooms, as reported by Albert Einstein University in New York. More on that soon.

Fungi Gobble Radiation to Grow, Study Says
By Scott Norris
for National Geographic News
May 22, 2007

There will be more posted on these subjects in the coming weeks. Who knew hemp and shroons (and a few more tricks Mother Nature has up her sleeves) can save the day, with a little help from you.

Saving ourselves is easy if we start now. PLANT HEMP, CONSUME HEMP, WEAR HEMP!

14th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March

The above video is of the late founder of the original Los Angeles Million Marijuana March, Sister Somayah Kambui at her last appearance at the 2008 Global Marijuana March, an event she and Dana Beal originated in 1999 and she produced every year until her death. This year’s mic is open and ready for your voice on May 5, 2012 to pick up the liberation flag that she, Jack Herer, Michelle Rainey, Gatewood Galbraith, Peter McWilliams and countless others have made available for us to speak through. Leave a note below if you’d like to be included in the organizational activities and parties. The general structure, subject to fine tuning, is below. We are hemping now.

WHO: Los Angeles 14th Annual Global Marijuana March
Executive Producers R. W. Akile (501c3) and Moori Bey, Producers Sister Undine (the late Sister Somayah’s nurse), J. Nayer Hardin, Richard M. Davis who is the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum, Treasurer Oba Ire, Music & Art Director, Sherwood Akuna Phone 213 – 640-0115 – Event Blog http://www.lagmm.wordpress.com

WHAT: Uniting the Greater Los Angeles Area’s marijuana activist with like minds all over the planet

WHEN: Saturday, May 5, 2012 High Noon – Dusk,

Press interviews & conference 10 a – 11a,

Street Corner bullhorn promotions, 11a–12n –

March up Crenshaw to Leimert Park High Noon – 2-3p;

Celebration in Leimert Park 3p – Dusk

WHERE: West Adams/Leimert Park sections of Los Angeles, CA; 

Start Adams & Crenshaw 11a – March/Parade – High Noon;

End Leimert Park

WHY: Stop the drug war and re-institute Hemp For Victory.

HOW: Wide range of speakers, activists and community support folks showing and teaching the many benefits of hemp, like it’s ability to cure the increased cancers resulting from the nuclear crisis from our Japan.

OPPORTUNITY: As part of the international event, on May 5th – the 14th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March brings together clubs, patients, business people, media and others involved in the modern legalization movement to share ideas, strategize and have a really good time.  The most obvious benefits include direct reach without wasted impressions advertising, networking and discussing vital applications as we push through the best solution to many of our problems, hemp, by whatever name floats your boat (which could be made from hemp plastics). 

This year’s event marks a historic opportunity to march, ride, float, speak or just take pictures/video to post on the web and other media, down Crenshaw on a Saturday afternoon with a police escort, carrying your legal plants with pride and joy if you’d like.  Many live uploads to the web are encouraged to afford an international stage for hemp enthusiasts.

NARRATIVE: On May 5, 2012 at high noon, many hemp activists will meet-up smoking on Adams & Crenshaw in LA. Key activists and speakers will be available for press interviews from 10a – 11a. From 11a to 12 noon is street corner organizing, promoting, where many take the bullhorn and speak on the need to end the drug war now. At 12 noon the 2.1 mile march/parade up Crenshaw to Leimert Park begins. The marchers, some carrying live hemp plants, some marching as part of a hoodie rally component, will also march in support of the end of lynching, marching with a LAPD escort, due to arrive at the park between 2-3 pm. There will be floats from clubs, patients and industrial hemp companies. The balance of the event in the park consists of a community celebration including speakers, live music and an innovative vendors market where people can get their medical marijuana certification, taste hemp foods and see hemp fashions. All are welcomed.


R. W. Akile Files Los Angeles Global Marijuana March Permit Papers – Event May 5, 2012


R. W. Akile filing LAGMM papers with LAPD Officer Kimmy Dixon

Los Angeles Global Marijuana March LAGMM Executive Producer R. W. Akile and event treasurer Oba Ire filed papers today for the 14th annual event with LAPD Officer Kimmy Dixon. Akile announced the plans for this year’s march. “On May 5, 2012 at high noon, many hemp activists will meet-up smoking on Adams & Crenshaw in LA. Key activists and speakers will be available for press interviews from 10a – 11a. From 11a to 12 noon is street corner organizing, promoting, where many take the bullhorn and speak on the need to end the drug war now. At 12 noon the 2.1 mile march/parade up Crenshaw to Leimert Park begins. The marchers, some carrying live hemp plants, some marching as part of a hoodie rally component, will also march in support of the end of lynching. The marchers with a LAPD escort arrive at the park between 2-3 pm. There will be floats from clubs, patients and industrial hemp companies. The balance of the event in the park consists of a community celebration including speakers, live music and an innovative vendors market where people can get their medical marijuana certification, taste hemp foods and see hemp fashions. All are welcome as we celebrate the hemp solutions.” The seven point platform is wide and solution based.
• Engage in a full scale, international HEMP FOR VICTORY style program of food, building materials, phyto-remediation and medicine to help adjust to increased radiation from the critically damaged nuclear plant in Japan.
• Support Jack Herer Initiative and enforce the voted Will of the People, Prop 215 & against the federal government.
• Stop the New Jim Crow laws and release all non-violent drug war POW’s, i.e. the founder of the Global Marijuana March, Dana Beal, still in jail for marijuana.
• Stop lynching in all its forms including police brutality, IRS & DEA terrorism.
• Remove restrictions from medical marijuana clubs so they may be businesses like any other legal business, supplying customer needs and paying taxes.
• Promote the use of hemp’s 50,000 products, encouraging folks to buy local.
• End the book burnings like what happened to Oaksterdam.
The first Los Angeles marijuana march in 1999 was produced by the late activist Sister Somayah Kambui. “This year’s march is the most important ever. The radiation is already here from Japan and we need a hemp phytoremediation program like what they did in Chernobyl. Hemp has a long history of helping with both radiation sickness and the increased cancer risk from radically increased chronic radiation exposure. Our existence depends on the hemp solution.” Said J. Nayer Hardin an author of a paper on the subject. The event’s Executive Producers are R.W. Akile & Moori Bey. Producers Sister Undine , J. Nayer Hardin, Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum, Treasurer Oba Ire, Music & Art Director, Sherwood Akuna –
Phone 213 – 640-0115 – Event Blog http://www.lagmm.blogspot.com